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Enhancing Child Focused Activities (ECFA) is an indigenous, nonprofit, non-governmental organization working in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region to effectively respond to the protection, rehabilitation, and integration needs of children, and to prevent all forms of violence against children with holistic service delivery and the creation of an informed and enlightened target community

ECFA was established and legally registered by the Federal Ministry of Justice in 2006 under the name Ethio Child Focused Association. Following the issuance of the Civil Society Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations law in 2009, ECFA was re-registered as an Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization, with registration number 0308. At this time, the organization’s name was changed to Enhancing Child Focused Activities (ECFA). The organization first worked exclusively in Adama city, but has since expanded to four other towns in the Oromiya region: Assela, Bishoftu, Matehara, and Shashemene.

In Ethiopia, 64% of the population is under the age of 24 and ECFA focuses on serving this population, recognizing that ensuring child welfare requires a comprehensive focus on early childhood development, protection and education throughout the growing years, and assistance in pursuing higher education and skills training. ECFA prioritizes assistance for the most vulnerable children, particularly those who are orphaned, disabled, HIV-affected, abused, and low-income.


ECFA envisions an Ethiopia in which all children and youth grow up healthy and safe, with respect for their basic rights, protection from all forms of abuse, and the ability to pursue educational and occupational opportunities.


ECFA seeks to work in partnership with community, national, and international partners, including families, government agencies, and local leaders, to prevent abuse and ensure the physical, mental, and social well-being of children and youth in Oromia region , Ethiopia.

Core Values

·         reaching the most vulnerable

·         partnerships

·         local ownership and participation

·         operating within the existing cultural environment

·         disseminating knowledge

·         providing comprehensive solutions to complex  problems